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Выступаю евангелистом. Перевожу речь нового Иисуса, записанную в вечном городе, в текстовый вид

Вот как бы выглядел и что делал Иисус сегодня? Думаю, его речь бы отличалась только разве парой деталей от выступления вот этого католического священника.
Пока успел где-то половину. Если ошибки увидите, то силь ву пле.

We are living in a very dark age. And people want to know the truth. So I want to tell you in English what is really going on. It’s called the masonic takeover of the world. Everything deep, dark, evil, twisted, perverse, sadistic, masochistic, evil and satanic that has been lurking in the lodge, the masonic lodge and in the hearts of the people that run it is now coming into the open day.

They founded their lodges in 1717. They spread them around the world, they infiltrated institutions, they overthrew governments. Especially they hate Catholic monarchies. They’ve infiltrated the Church, church institutions, the knights of Columbus. They founded their own banks in New York City, Chase Manhattan, J.P. Morgan, Brothers Harriman, City Bank. They took control of the republican and democratic parties. They’ve started the 1st world war and the 2nd world war and they’ve controlled all the sides in them. They’ve destroyed Austria because the Emperor dared to veto the election of Rampola Tindero, their masonic candidate to the Papacy in 1904, and so the cardinals chose Pie X and for that crime the masons destroyed Austria, the only nation that ceased to exist after the 1st world war.

But now it’s that ultimate “Scandamic”, the Bilderbergers, the Rockefellers. This is total world control. They want control of everyone, they want to enslave us. They just don’t want to own us; they want us to be evil like them. They want to take us to Hell like them. They want us to love evil like them. They are pedophiles in the worst sense; they want everyone to be a pervert, they want everyone to be involved in evil. They want everyone involved in killing themselves. That’s why they want you to suffocate yourself to death wearing a diaper on your face. That’s why they want you to willingly stick out your arm and take chemicals injected into you that will destroy you, change what you are, make you a GMO creature.

That’s why they are racing to install all manners of high-tech equipment so far beyond what’s it’s necessary for cell-phone communications. I can’t even say the name or this channel will be blocked. They want the control, because they want to be able through their computers, their few families, their few hundred people around the world, they want to be able to control all the automobiles and all the machinery and all the jobs and eventually everyone’s own mind.

They’ve built the Internet; the Internet is one of their tools of control, because they know that the more we spend time talking to each other through this method, like I’m doing now, the more we get programmed by it and controlled. Because this is not real. Real is who would be next to me. I have been doing the nightly prayers in front of the basilica for nearly ten months and transmitting all along. And the reason why no one comes is because I transmit it. That’s why no one comes. People don’t realize that. You think that this is real and so you stay home. You think that what you do on the Internet is real and so you don’t do anything. It’s the ultimate Satanic deception! And so that’s why I’m doing the totally politically incorrect broadcast right now because I hope they will cancel my channel. I hope they will cancel me because that’s their method of control. This is not reality. We need to enter into the streets and take down these evil governments controlled by these evil people.

Don’t take the vaccine. It will kill you. If not the first one, the second one. But there’s a principle more important than whether one vaccine will harm you enough. The principle is you giving your life into the hands of the people who are known mass murderers. The masonic lodge has engineered the deaths of hundreds of millions of people. These people make Adolf Hitler look like an altar boy. I think Adolf Hitler was [in his youth] an altar boy. But these people are extremely evil. Don’t trust them with anything. It is a sin to put more trust in wicked people than honest people. Whoever trusted Jesus Christ the way the people trust these globalists?

So the God is putting before us a life and death. We can believe Jesus Christ and live honestly and naturally and morally upright or we can become the total perverse puppets of a few hundred families around the world. And so deceived and twisted that we think that we are free while we are killing ourselves.

And your decisions must come quickly because in January they plan to vaccinate everyone in Italy. Whether you like it or not. And in the United States the military’s announced they can vaccinate everyone in the country in 24 hours. And they were told to prepare to do that by Donald Trump. Not by Joe Biden. But both of them will command it when they get in power. Unless one of them is convert, I think that only one can convert. Donald Trump. The other, I think, lost his soul long ago if he still has one.

So this is what the world is facing right now. It’s not a small thing. We are in the Apocalypse area. It may be the final. Apocalypse, John spoke of it.

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