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Одна из тайн истории. Планы Гитлера по созданию Израиля в Польше


Впервые эту карту я увидел в канадской газете 1942 года. Это было время сканирования старых газет. Уже, наверняка, подчистили. Вот фрагмент статьи в польской газете 2018 года:

Relacja Marszałka Mansteina potwierdzona jest również i przez informacje, pochodzące z innych źródeł.

W książce Tenenbauma o żydowskim ruchu partyzanckim w Polsce w czasie ubiegłej wojny




(Joseph Tenenbaum, “Underground. The Story of a People”, New York, Philosophical Library, 1952) znaleźć możemy następujące informacje.

“Although the fate of the Jews had already been settled by the Nazis even before their invasion of Poland, there were periods of hesitation and administrative irresolution, which can be traced in the decrees, speeches and reports of those periods.

The Lublin reservation, which the Nazis atternpited to shroud in secrecy, can be taken as an example. The “pro­blems concerning the East” were considered at a meeting under Her­rmann Goerimg on February 12, 1940, with Uhe participation of Reich-Minis­ter Count Schwerin v. Krosigk, Hans Frainik, AJibent Forster, Arthur Greiser, Lord Lieutenants Koch and Wagner, Relchsfuehrer SiS Himmler and other hiigOi Nazi personages. Point four on the agenda was the business of the Government General of Poland. Him­mler declared: “St will probably be necessary to transfer into Eastern Di­stricts (t.j. do Rzeszy przyrp. mój) 30.000 Germans from the Lublin area east of the Vistula river which is to be reserved for tlhe Jews”. Gauleiter Greiser reported that (his pro­vince, the Warthegau, had four and a half million inhabitants, of whom 400 000 were Jews. Uip to date, he re­ported, 87 000 persons had been evacu­ated. On November 10, 1939 about 45000 Jews were transferred from Westeern Poland and Ajustria to the Lu­blin area and used for forced labor. As to the over-all plan, Hans Frank Go­vernor {General of Poland, comment­ing on the intended1 resettlement plan of one million Jews and on institution of forced labor had this to say.”

(Dalej Frank mówił o sprawach, dotyczących ludności pol­skiej). Str. 65).


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