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Сионские ребятишки и похуже заразу напустят на Иран и КНДР. Вторая волна в Иране...

Iran becomes the first country to report a second wave of coronavirus infections as cases hit a record high after easing lockdown

  • Iran appears to be suffering a second wave of coronavirus infections, data shows

  • Country saw cases drop in April after ordering people to stay in their homes

  • But total has been steadily climbing this month and is now at record levels

  • Iran reported 3,574 cases Wednesday, topping 3,186 logged on March 30

Iran has become the first country in the world to report a second wave of coronavirus infections after easing its lockdown.

The Middle Eastern nation logged a record 3,574 cases of the virus on Wednesday, beating its previous worst day of 3,186 cases logged on March 30.

Iran began easing its lockdown restrictions - which were imposed in February as the virus ran rampant - in mid-April as the disease declined.

Cases began picking up again in early May and have now been above 3,000 for three days running, even as gyms and public offices were reopened at the weekend.


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