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Выступление Мари Ле Пен, за которое французские сионисты её арестуют (свежее)

Video transcript:

00:00 Dear compatriots, you have probably seen the images coming to us from Greece of thousands
00:07 of men trying to enter in force by attacking the border guards, including with firearms.
00:12 This news must alert all the citizens of European countries. Europe must face the facts
00:18 and realize that it is experiencing an attempted invasion. The term invasion isn’t too strong
00:23 when a country masses thousands of men at a border and their orders are to enter with force.
00:28 It has a name. An INVASION. Turkey, feeling protected by America, launches a double offensive.
00:34 In Syria to help jihadist terrorists taking refuge in the so-called “free zone”, and against Europe as
00:40 a whole with its blackmail using migratory flooding. In the face of what is an act of unprecedented
00:45 gravity, the soft and enslaved European Union says nothing. It pretends to look the other way.
00:51 Even worse, television reports show the way Frontex agents physically assisted the zodiacs to
00:56 reach the shore and allowed them to land on the Greek coasts.
01:01 The National Rally stands with the Greeks. The Greek people are defending themselves.
01:07 By protecting their borders alone, they are defending ours as well. By bravely, physically
01:13 fighting an organized submergence, it teaches us a lesson in resistance and patriotism which should
01:18 somehow remind our countries of their duties.
01:22 Emmanuel Macron obliges France to an absurd solidarity towards NATO, supports de facto
01:27 the warlike will of Erdogan, the sultan of Turkey, who dreams of a new Ottoman Empire while claiming
01:32 he’s fighting terrorism. The French government supports the power that is trying to save the last

01:38 representatives of the Islamist hydra, often war criminals who will then come to sow death
01:43 in our country. Let us try to analyse politically what is happening. These emblematic events,
01:48 just as the spread of the coronavirus in a deregulated world, these highlight all the flaws
01:54 of the globalist and European system. A system that we have been denouncing for years.
01:58 A system that is leading our countries towards the abyss. The European Union has given
02:02 billions to a Turkey which has renounced Kemalism and then slipped into Islamism.
02:06 Its authoritarian government, which makes no secret of its fierce desire to Islamise Europe,
02:11 is now using our money to arm itself and support the so-called free terrorists it intends
02:16 to turn into mercenaries in Libya and elsewhere and perhaps even here at home.
02:22 The United States is forcing us to support this belligerent country in the name of
02:26 the Atlantic alliance. Haven’t we learned anything?
02:29 Since 1914, we have known that the game of alliances can drag the world into terrible wars
02:34 that it doesn’t want. Emmanuel Macron follows sheep-like when what we need at this time
02:41 of crisis is to find the voices of independence. We must re-found Europe, get out of the
02:45 integrated command of NATO and the logic of these dangerous alliances.
02:51 France, aware of its national interests, can once again become a power of balanced peace.
02:57 We can see right in front of our eyes what history has taught us, that a demographic or
03:02 migratory weapon is used as a weapon of war. To submerge our countries and no doubt,
03:08 if nothing is done about it, for subjugation. Concretely, at all costs, it is necessary to
03:12 immediately suspend Schengen, which organizes the opening of our borders, and to declare
03:16 an immediate moratorium on the immigration in our country. Illegal immigrants must be
03:21 sent back to where they came from without any exception. The countries of emigration must
03:25 be vigorously encouraged to collaborate in the policy of return. This policy is in defense of
03:29 our vital national interests. French women and French men, you have before your eyes
03:35 the images which are far from being trivial but which must awaken your consciousness as citizens.
03:40 This international crisis must mobilise us, dear compatriots. It is no longer time to watch
03:45 distractedly and comment, but to commit and act.
03:48 To commit means to find the right political solutions
03:52 by joining the National Rally. To act, dear voters,
03:56 also means going to vote on March 15
03:59 in the municipal elections. All elections are political. And the one approaching, in this period,
04:05 more so than the others. So I am counting on you.


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