mrminiver (mrminiver) wrote,

Что сионисты из Н.Й. Таймс пишут о Кашмире... Ой, вэй!

Officials in Pakistan were contacting allies around the world to try and oppose the action, but many analysts said Pakistan has little credibility on the issue. Pakistan has a long history of covertly supporting militant groups in Kashmir, despite pressure from allies to stop.

Human rights activists said that the moves to change Kashmir’s status were only the first steps in a broader plan to erode Kashmir’s core rights and seed the area with non-Kashmiris, altering the demographics and eventually destroying its character. Previous laws barred outsiders from owning property.

Several legal scholars said they believed the government did not have the legal authority to change Article 370. The issue, they said, was headed for a showdown in India’s Supreme Court.

Дескать, заселят индусами и изменят демографию.

На заметку. Вот для чего Кагал заселяет Европу ордами негров и арабов.

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