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Политик из ЮАР: "Мы будем убивать белых женщин и детей" (прежде изнасиловав их)

Ниггеры верят в излечение от спида после изнасилования белых...

        ‘We’ll kill their children & women’: Fury over black S. African politician’s call to kill whites

‘We’ll kill their children & women’: Fury over black S. African politician’s call to kill whites
FILE PHOTO Black First Land First (BLF) leader Andile Mngxitama (C) speaks as BLF members picket

        South Africans are outraged after a recent speech by a local revolutionary socialist politician who called upon his followers to kill white people, including women, children, and even pets owned by whites.

Andile Mngxitama, the leader and founder of pan-Africanist political party Black First Land First (BLF), has been repeatedly heard using harsh language to criticize white people. But this time his comments seem to have gone way overboard.

Speaking at a rally in the city of Potchefstroom over the weekend he promised that “for every one black person we will kill five white people.” The politician was apparently referring to the infamous decades-long taxi wars in the country between taxi associations and individual minibus taxi drivers.

“We'll kill their children, we’ll kill their women, we’ll kill their dogs, we’ll kill their cats… we’ll kill anything we find in our way,” Mngxitama went on with his furious tirade, rallying the crowds.

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The furious speech didn’t go unnoticed by the general public or social media who called his remarks an incitement to white genocide.

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