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В Голландии уже 25% цветных. Это уже новая страна 3 мира...

Netherlands 25 percent Non-White, Will Become Majority Third World within 1 Generation

The recent arrest of a further seven legally-resident nonwhites for terrorism in the Netherlands has highlighted the fact that, thanks to pro-mass Third World immigration policies, at least 25 percent - and most likely more - of that small nation’s population is now non-white, and if current trends continue, that country will become majority Third World within one generation.

(The New Observer)

According to the official Dutch census bureau, the total number of residents of the Netherlands stands at 17,081,507, of which 13,218,754 have a “Dutch background,” to use the official terminology.

Of these “immigrant background” population, the Dutch census bureau claims that 2,173,723 have a “non-western” background, made up of 391,088 Moroccans, 153,469 Antillean and Arubans, 349.978 Surinamese, 400,367 Turks, and 878,821 “assorted not-Westerners.”

To this total must be added the “first generation non-westerners,” which the census bureau puts at 1,199,972, and the “second generation non-westerners,” which the census bureau puts at 973,751. The census bureau claims that third generation “non-westerners” are now Dutch and count them as of “Dutch background.”

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