mrminiver (mrminiver) wrote,

Зверушка из Сомали, не знающая ни слова по-шведски, стала депутатшей в Швеции...

This is a guest article written by Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist.

Leila Ali Elmi, a 30-year-old Somali woman, took a seat in the Swedish parliament last Sunday without uttering one word in Swedish during her campaign. Why don’t Swedes understand that the Somalis and other Muslims are here to take over your country, says ex-Muslim Mona Walter.

While we believe or pretend that everything will work out for the best, Muslims are slowly gaining more and more ground. It came as a total surprise even to her own party that Leila Ali Elmi snatched one of the two parliamentary seats on the Gothenburg list.

The Somali Swede, Leila Ali Elmi, campaigned only in Somali and became an MP

The Green Party had put her 21st on the roster, which would normally mean no chance of being an MP. But Leila Ali Elmi lives in the no go-zone of Hammarkullen, where thousands of Somalis live, and ran her entire campaign in Somali.

From nowhere she got 1,467 people to check her name on the ballot, making her the most popular Green politician in Gothenburg.
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