mrminiver (mrminiver) wrote,

7 из 8 человек, умерших от гриппа, получили прививку от гриппа

This year’s strain of flu, H3N2, has been knocking people out- hard. In the news: 7 of the 8 individuals who died of flu had received a FLU SHOT! It does NOT work and can cause "flu-like illness", suppress your immune system and even cause paralysis or kill you. Eastern Idaho Public Health said that the last report the effectiveness of the flu shot was 30-40%. They suggest fighting the flu by frequent hand-washing. You can also keep your immune system strong by eating healthy, low sugar, get enough sleep, supplement with vitamin c, d, lots of fluids, cook your own meals at home, and stay home if you start feeling ill. The flu shot just doesn't work and is NOT worth the risk. Don't listen to the media hype. The reason health officials are still pushing the shot is because CDC and big pharma don't have a job if you're healthy. They don't have funding if you don't need to keep buying their products.
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