mrminiver (mrminiver) wrote,

Когда-то позволяли снимать анти-феминистские фильмы - Ann Carver's Profession 1933

Bill Graham ( Gene Raymond ) marries Ann Carver ( Fay Wray ) after both graduate from Hampden University. Although Ann receives her law degree and passes the bar exam, she decides to keep house for Bill, who is employed as a draftsman. When Ann is asked to take on a highly profiled legal case, she accepts and wins. As Ann becomes a media success and the job taking up enormous demands on her time, she and Bill spend less time together. Bill decides to quit his job to earn more crooning at the Club Mirador. Carole Rogers ( Claire Dodd ), a sexy alcoholic singer at the club is taken by Bill's good looks and voice. She makes a pass at him when Ann walks into the club, leaving Ann with the impression he's cheating on her. Bill eventually moves out, but when Carole is found dead, Bill is accused of murdering her and Ann decides to defend him.


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