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США. 150 ниггеров издеваются над студентами в Филадельфии

Mob Of 150 Black Thugs Riot And BEAT THE HELL Out Of White People

Packs of wild black animals went from street to street and attacked white people randomly and when the people would fall to the ground, they would rob them and then kick them more before they went to the next victim.

Investigators found that this event was planned on social media, with a call to meet up at the Pearl Theater in PHILADELPHIA, PA.

Too many showed up to get into the theater, so they decided to split up into groups and go attack white people and steal what they could. Students, police officers and a police horse were involved up in the chaos. Video shows the mob and the violent attacks near Temple’s campus.

ore than 150 teens were involved in the attacks, they split up and went in groups of 20-30 then fell upon the campus around 8:30 pm.  The mobs continued to attack students for 2 hours before they were finally dispersed by Police.

Joe Lauletta’s daughter was one of the victims.

“Her head was stomped on,” he said. “Her
whole side of her face, the back of her head was black and blue. Her
arms, her legs, her back, her ribs. She was on the ground. They were
kicking her.”

During a separate incident, a 16-year-old male targeted a mounted Philadelphia police officer — punching his horse twice in the mouth as the cop tried to break up a crowd on a street corner.

It was the second assault on law enforcement that night, after a 15-year-old male knocked over a university cop who was chasing him on a  bicycle earlier in the evening.

Christina Laulette was beaten to a bloody pulp and hospitalized after a group of youths between 30-40,  ganged up on her and two of her friends.

“I spent last night in the ER at St. Mary’s Hospital. I received a call from my daughter Christina after my son’s football game. She was crying, I couldn’t understand her, my heart dropped, I became scared, I said what is the matter? Dad, I was jumped, I’m beat up pretty bad. Where r u? Temple, they stole my phone. We’re heading to the police station. I do not hear from her until she gets to her apartment. Rage is running through my mind the whole time. She said she is getting a ride home and wants to go to St. Mary’s. I find out that her and her 2 male friends where badly beaten by a group of 30-40 black teenagers on their way home from the Temple football game. This happened after they got off the subway at Broad and Cecil B Moore. These sick animals held her down and kicked and stomped on her repeatedly. Thank god, the people from the pizza place intervened. They arrested 2 people at the scene. I have not let Christina out of my sight, she is resting. Every part of her body is badly bruised; it makes me cry just thinking about it. No broken bones. If you have children at Temple, tell them to be careful. Please keep Christina in your thoughts.”  ~ Joe Laulette


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