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Сион окончательно взял власть в США. Уничтожают памятники и кресты...

Federal Court Rules World War One Memorial Cross Must Be Torn Down

Back in 1925, the American Legion erected a memorial in Bladensburg, Maryland to honor the memory of 49 men who perished during World War One.

The 40-foot tall memorial became known as the "Peace Cross."


n 2014, the American Humanist Association filed a lawsuit alleging the cross-shaped memorial is unconstitutional and demanding it be demolished, altered, or removed.

They alleged the cross carries "an inherently religious message and creates the unmistakable appearance of honoring only Christian servicemen."

On Wednesday, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed and ruled the historic memorial must be torn down - all because the Bladensburg Memorial is in the shape of a cross.

The Fourth Circuit said the memorial excessively entangles the government in religion because the cross is the “core symbol of Christianity” and “breaches” the wall separating church and state.

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