September 11th, 2016

Полиция ФРГ рекомендует женщинам ходить в кроссовках, чтобы убежать от муслимских зверьков


Nash Montana, who translated the following article from Freie Zeiten, is at pains to emphasize that THIS IS NOT A JOKE:

German Federal police recommend: Women should wear sneakers so they can run away better from asylum seekers

GERMANY. In last year alone more than two million immigrants from the Third World came to Germany, almost all of them males. Since then the number of sexual assaults has exploded. Now the federal police distribute tips to German women on how they can protect themselves from being raped.

“When women feel anxiety when they walk towards a group of men, or when they perceive a situation that emanates possible danger, they should trust their intuition in any case, and they should avoid getting into those kinds of situations any deeper,” says Markus Koths, the press spokesman for the Federal Police (BKA).

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Броня крепка и танки наши быстры!

Сегодня День танкиста! Поздравляем всех военнослужащих, защищающих Родину в танковых подразделениях армий ДНР, ЛНР и России. Отдельно поздравляем товарища Панциря и танкистов «Востока», чьи боевые машины прошли вместе с нами большой нелегкий путь.

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