October 18th, 2015

На православного священника в Бохуме (ФРГ) нападают и плюют в лицо муслимы

Christians Persecuted and Driven From Their Homes — In Germany

The following account of an Orthodox Christian priest who was persecuted in Germany is appalling for two reasons: (1) the incident itself, and (2) the virulently PC account of what happened as published in Die Welt.

It was all I could do to finish reading the story, because I kept wincing every time I encountered another politically correct trope. The article trots out just about every PC/MC meme in the journalistic style book, including:

  • Islam is a Religion of Peace

  • The Tiny Minority of Extremists

  • Christians are Violent and Intolerant, Too

  • I Know Many Nice, Peaceful Muslims

  • Drawing Attention to Muslim Violence Might Help Radicalize the Extremists Even Further

…and possibly others that I failed to notice.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Bochum Priest Flees Religious Violence

For years, the Orthodox priest Aleksejs Ribakovs was harassed because of his religion — apparently by Muslims. His is no isolated case. The Association of Christian Churches is now demanding consistent action against such instances.

by Till-Reimer Stoldt

Why in the world is Aleksejs Ribakovs sitting here? In this Düsseldorf restaurant, with his cup of coffee, telling a journalist how he was driven out of his own neighborhood because of his Christian faith? Ribakovs shrugs his shoulders and says: “Maybe because I was not driven out of Iran, but out of Bochum[1].” And possibly also because the perpetrators persecuted him — the Russian Orthodox priest — out of obviously religious motives.

“That could be,” he says, and adds immediately: “But I have nothing against Muslims. I am not angry.” And the 33-year-old priest gives such a friendly-concerned look through his glasses, that you can hardly doubt it. No, he will not tolerate any bad feelings in himself. Though he has all kinds of reasons for them.

It is a Sunday, going on 6:40 PM, when Ribakovs gets out of his car and goes to the house he is renting with his family. He has just celebrated mass, so he is wearing a black cassock with a large silver cross. In his right hand is a case with communion for the sick and liturgical books, in his left his mass vestment.

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Карта изменения границ Польши в 20-м веке

По-моему, разрушение памятника советскому полководцу, памятника 1 миллиону русских солдат, отдавших жизнь за освобождение дерьмопшеков, ставит вопрос о легитимности морских границ "пшепрошув". Да и западный кусок явно принадлежит Германии.