December 26th, 2011

ответ еврею на "Отдельно про нацистских провокаторов"


Граждане евреи. Вы видели очень тихих, вежливых ребят. По моим наблюдениям, количество национал-социалистов с единиц в прошлом году выросло до сотен тысяч. Посмотрите вконтакте поиском по кл. словам адольф сталин гитлер. Дальше будет еще хуже для вас. Удивительно одно, почему русские сидели тихо до сих пор под вашей оккупацией?

Nanon (1938) in German

Director: Herbert Maisch
Erna Sack ... Nanon Patin
Johannes Heesters ... Marquis Charles d'Aubigne
Dagny Servaes ... Ninon de l'Enclos
Kurt Meisel ... Hector
It's an operetta about a french waitress, German style,who works at a inn singing to the customers. A lot of people know her.It takes place the time of Moliere and King Louis XIV.Erna Sak was not a beauty but she had a good opera voice. She also was a good dancer and actress even though she only did two films. She prefer opera and concert singing.She also dyed her hair,off screen,blond not just in this film. She actually had darker it actually threw her face off a bit.Well, her boy friend is in the french military,played by Heesters,has come back from war and expects her to sleep with him.Little does she know is that he's a marquis and has a girl friend,Dagny Servaes,and sleeps with her.But she has different plan's marriage.She dupe's him to think that he's going to sleep with him. She open a curtain to what looked like a bed is a chapel.She makes him wait while she goes out to get the priest and judge. He panics and get's his friend to make up a story that he violated the law against dueling. So When the soldiers come in to arrest him he'd be save from fate worse than death.She believe's it and get's her friends ,played by Okar Sima and Hector,played by Curt Maisel,to help her get him out of prison.She goes to Paris and gets her friend Moliere ,who is a play righter and actor of the french court,to get appointment with the king to get a pardon.She joins the performer's not realizing she saw her boyfriend , as the marquis,he doesn't recognize her neither , she' in costume. It turns out that a joke was played in her and she finally recognizes him through his voice. She starts's to embarrassed him to the whole court. Hector, played by Maisels, get's jealous and demand a duel. But the Marquis girl friend intervene,s by having him arrested. Nanon finding this out, uses the pardon paper's to free him . Once Oskar Sima finds out he tries to have Heester's arrested but a happy ending ensues.