September 4th, 2011

Elena Semionova - The truth about Libya

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Endurance and courage of these people can not but admire. And so disgusting in their background - the "civilized".

Who supported the brave in the hour of danger? Only a few countries. Do not have lost the concept of dignity. Not lost and the mind. There is a Russian proverb: "Honor the mind creates and takes away the last ignominy." This has happened to many in those days.

And what about Russia? Russia, the U.S. included into the list of enemies, along with Libya, Russia, where the rebels refused to advance lucrative contracts, Russia, whose president recently met with Qaddafi, completely took the side of evil. And now, when Tripoli was still bloodied by fighting, Russia has sent the rebels fuel. As previously sent humanitarian aid. Thus, the blood spilling in the streets of Tripoli lies and our country. And today, I terribly ashamed for my country ...

Now a few volunteers have guards at the Embassy of Libya, was not up gangster banner. Geniuses shrug: why? But that's it, these volunteers and the few who protested, who organized humanitarian convoys, who finally just did not keep silent, trying to resist the lies of the war of information - they at least partially, but still save face today in Russia. That Russia, which said Gadhafi: "Be alive now Great Russia, and NATO would not dare to commit such." Great Russia, but there are people wearing in her spirit itself. And thanks to them.

Smart people shrug: what do we care about Libya, where they themselves this pub? I'll tell you. There is a concept that is above the "my-alien," "we-they" above ideas and passions ... The concept of this - true. And when the shameless and impudent trampled it lie, no matter what part of the world it occurs.

And because the media war waged even now against the world. Manipulate the consciousness of the world. Minded people who believe lies and unwittingly become its accomplices. But the duty of everyone who understands the extent possible to expose her to open her eyes offended. Knowledgeable and silent lie knowingly participates. Participates crime. Albeit a little bit of, but these Shreds and formed the backdrop, which allows time and again committed iniquity.

There is another reason.

There are in the U.S. its "Committee of Soldiers' Mothers." One member of the "For Gaddafi its people," children's physician, wrote them a very polite letter read: "I beg you, as women and mothers to stop the war in Libya. Do not send your sons pilots and soldiers against Libya, not to create a new Vietnam! Save the Libyan children and your soldiers from needless and bloody war "- and received the reply:

DR. Pakhomov

I am happy that my sons and daughters torn Libya and

I WILL cooperate fully in their continued SUCCESS.

WE NEED TO DESTROY SUCH fellows like you.

GOD Bless America.

Near our embassy in Tripoli, "the rebels" burned our flag, shouting "Freedom Chuchne!"

Senator McCain, as we all heard the fate of our threatened Libya.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls ...

However, Libya, we will not. It will not be because we have in the Kremlin and the White House already sitting "Jalili," and "Gabriel." And they serve transatlantic owner. And do give him a country with giblets. And it will be necessary - and will accelerate.

We often use the term "elite." So the example of Libya, we saw what the national elite. The national elite is fighting for his country, faithful to his country and people, full of dignity, honest and incorruptible. Russian as "elite" today is a just level of PNS: grab a little more skin and its rescue. These qualities are alien to it. And therefore we will not Libya ...

Smart People wonder why, in general, Libya is so hot attention. All because of the soul, tortured lie, eager to Marvel. To at least once, in spite of everything, truth will prevail. And almost six-month standing Libya, loyalty, honor and dignity of its authorities and people in our world there is already a miracle. So you want to make it won ...