September 3rd, 2011

Libya today - google translation from Russian

The day before yesterday the Libyan Jamahiriya has celebrated her 42th birthday. True, this does not happen in the festive atmosphere of cities, celebrating the anniversary of the revolution, and in conditions of total war, among the ruins, under the followers of the shots, "Al Qaeda" and exploding missiles and super-ultra-precise NATO.

When 20 August, the operation to seize Tripoli with the participation of radical Islamist groups from neighboring countries, with the assistance of British special forces, it was clear that the NATO command has set a goal to announce the overthrow of Gadhafi is September 1, meaning that many Libyans to day. Apparently the task was put maximum physically destroy Qaddafi and solemnly announce that the screens of Western TV channels. But instead, there was another event - the myth of the omnipotent self-destruct military vehicle of NATO. It is not only in the number of units. Certainly, this war machine is capable of destroying all that will be on its way. But another feature of NATO's military operation is the information barrier that has been involved on an equal footing with a tactical weapon in order to create the appearance that respected the UN resolution number 1973. And it looked like this. When Air Force committed another bombing, after which will long continue to collect body parts for civilian Libyans, parents and their children, Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen made another statement that civilians do not suffer during the NATO operation and that the Libyans did not threaten the humanitarian disaster that has already engulfed the city, where an acute shortage of food, medicine and water. Such a blatant lie immediately under the control of distributed media, and already seems to be an ordinary person would begin to doubt. After all, the same can not be a respectable gentleman like Rasmussen hang noodles on the ears of millions. The eminent German scientist Georg Lichtenberg said: "The most dangerous lie - this is slightly distorted truth." But when TV stations give a picture of India and Qatar, giving, for the Indians protesting the Libyans or footage from the "July War" between Israel and Lebanon in 2006, then even the most sophisticated information noodle lovers there is a fair question: do you, gentlemen, in your mind? This lie is dangerous not for its customers, and to its distributors. Ever need for her to answer.

After the start of military operations, one of the main goals of Tripoli was the television station. We had to cut the world from the source, do not give the possibility to oppose facts to refute the blatant lies. The last two weeks are silent and journalists, information comes in portions, with the grain of those who leaked that radically contradict each other. Gaddafi son Khamis was buried in the fifth, correct, if not the 25th. However, he is alive and continues to struggle. In the Libyan city is resistance. Saif al-Islam broke the information barrier, his speech heard on this side of the barricades. Gaddafi also spoke with a backup television station. Urged to resist. Oddly, he never ran, though these rumors are chewed press dozens of times a day. Loyalists hold strong positions. Rebels periodically forced to retreat, although correct to say - to run helter-skelter. Because as soon as air support is terminated, the offensive pass advocates and ordinary Libyans Gaddafi, who has nothing to lose. Insurgents have demonstrated vividly domestic politics, which is waiting for Libya in the event of defeat forces of al-Gaddafi. The black population is just destroyed. It does not matter whether a black soldier, Gaddafi or if it just came to Libya to work and do not even know how to correctly spell the name of Colonel. The paradox is that one of the initiators of Libyan operation, by the way, the holder of the Nobel Peace Prize, he is black. One awkward turns ... but that's part of the story and the truth will point the finger at another black racist.

Raised the question correctly respected El Murid, whether the rebels retain authority in the absence of support for NATO? Obviously, it would be very problematic. In this chess game, the next move for Gaddafi. Giving the rats a little pohozyaynichat in Tripoli, the Libyan colonel is skillfully playing the gambit. At the insurgents clearly do not have sufficient resources and effort to consolidate its position and, more importantly, there is no support among the local population. Loyalists go on the offensive again, since the hands of the invaders, killing their friends and family. Figure who died in these days sounded to 30 thousand. Accurate count of victims to be done, however, hide the mess, which committed the exporting democracy, it becomes more difficult with each passing hour the resistance of the Libyans.

Barbarossa plan foiled three times in Libya, quick and decisive attack against NATO with all international norms do not give the expected results. On the relationship start to come out and eyewitnesses, as expected, their version is radically different from the nightingale singing members of the "civilized" world. I am sure that soon the public will get a lot of surprises on the theme of humanity NATO members and their associates. NATO machine tightly choked on a piece of fat, which would absorb all at once. Who else wants to pat guys on the back, until they finally turned blue from lack of oxygen?