April 20th, 2011

Honolulu (1939)

Genres: Comedy | Musical | Romance
Director: Edward Buzzell
Eleanor Powell ... Miss Dorothy 'Dot' March
Robert Young ... Brooks Mason / George Smith / David
George Burns ... Joe Duffy
Gracie Allen ... Millicent 'Millie' De Grasse
Rita Johnson ... Cecelia Grayson
Clarence Kolb ... Mr. Horace Grayson
Jo Ann Sayers ... Nurse
Ann Morriss ... Gale Brewster
Willie Fung ... Wong, Mason's Hawaiian Servant
Cliff Clark ... First Detective

Movie star Brooks Mason tries to avoid his fans and spend some weeks on vacation. When Hawaiian plantage-owner George Smith is mistaken by Mason's fans for Mason and brought to Mason's home. They decide to change their identitiess for a few weeks. But George Smith is mobbed by Mason's fans again on a personal appearance tour in New York, Mason falls in love to dancer Dorothy March, who also is on her way to Hawaii. Problems for Mason arise due to the fact that Smith is engaged with Cecilia Grayson, and her wealthy father believes, that Smith has double-crossed him. Mason isn't able to establish a connection with Smith in New York due to his agent's orders...