March 23rd, 2011

The Men in Her Life (1941)

 Genres: Drama | Music | Romance
Director: Gregory Ratoff.
Loretta Young ... Lina Varsavina
Conrad Veidt ... Stanislas Rosing
Dean Jagger ... David Gibson
Eugenie Leontovich ... Marie
Shepperd Strudwick ... Roger Chevis
Otto Kruger ... Victor
Paul Baratoff ... Manilov
Ann E. Todd ... Rose
Billy Ray ... Nurdo
Ludmila Toretzka ... Mme. Olenkova
Tommy Ladd ... Lina's Dancing Partner

A circus performer becomes a ballerina and then begins her life of a career versus marriage and a home-life. She marries her first husband, her mentor and instructor, primarily out of gratitude. After his death, she marries an American thinking that can be her escape from the world of ballet. But she leaves him to return the dancing. She has a child but does not tell her husband. When her daughter is two-years-old, the husband finds out and takes the child to America. The ballerina continues to dance until her best dancing days have gone by.

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 Genres: Drama
Director: Peter Godfrey
Errol Flynn ... Sebastian Dubrok
Ida Lupino ... Gemma Smith
Eleanor Parker ... Fenella MacLean
Gig Young ... Caryl Dubrok
Reginald Denny ... Mr. MacLean
Isobel Elsom ... Mrs. MacLean
Albert Bassermann ... Professor Heinrich
Ludwig Stössel ... Mr. Steinach
Milada Mladova ... Natrova
George Zoritch ... The Dancer
Helen Thimig ... The Landlady

It is Venice, 1900, and Fenella is engaged to composer Caryl Dubrok until she hears that an unmarried woman named Gemma and child is staying with a composer named Dubrok. So the engagement is off and so is she for the mountains. There she meets and is intrigued by Sebastian, but she does not know that he is the composer that Gemma is staying with. When she learns about him, Gemma demands that she choose but Fenella cannot so Gemma and Sebastian leave to be married. They go to England to write his Ballet and Caryl and Fenella are re-engaged. But Fenella still loves the fun-loving Sebastian.