March 21st, 2011

Sailing Along (1938)


Sailing Along (1938) 

Genres: Comedy | Musical | Romance
Director: Sonnie Hale
Jessie Matthews ... Kay Martin
Barry MacKay ... Steve Barnes
Jack Whiting ... Dicky Randall
Roland Young ... Anthony Gulliver
Noel Madison ... Windy
Frank Pettingell ... Skipper Barnes
Alastair Sim ... Sylvester
Athene Seyler ... Victoria Gulliver
Margaret Vyner ... Stephanie
William Dewhurst ... Winton

Jessie Mathews is simply adorable in this delightful 1930s English B&W musical. Poor little Thames River barge girl dreams of fame and fortune on the London stage only to give it all up for true love... and a schooner. In addition to a lovely singing voice and exuberant tomboy personality, Jessie was an exceptionally gifted dancer. Paired perfectly with the American singer/dancer Jack Whiting, the couple do a number of eccentric syncopated numbers rather in the style of Fred and Ginger.

Defence Secretary Liam Fox is a Terrorist
Yes, we would kill Gaddafi: As RAF jets blitz Libya, Defence Secretary admits tyrant is a 'legitimate target'

The name should be changed to "Attack secretary". I hope Gaddafi will retaliate the bandit attack of bloodthirsty ghouls. 

The Lady and the Mob (1939)

 Genres: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Crime | Romance
Director: Benjamin Stoloff
Fay Bainter ... Hattie Leonard
Ida Lupino ... Lila Thorne
Lee Bowman ... Fred Leonard
Henry Armetta ... Vincenzo Zambrogio
Warren Hymer ... Frankie O'Fallon
Harold Huber ... Harry the Lug
Forbes Murray ... District Attorney
Joe Sawyer ... Blinky Mack
Tom Dugan ... Brains Logan
Joe Caits ... Bert the Beetle
Jim Toney ... Big Time Tim

Ida Lupino