mrminiver (mrminiver) wrote,

Негритянское вторжение в Италии. Зверьки захватили 100 зданий в Риме

Non-White Invasion of Italy: African Migrants Have Seized 100 Buildings in Rome

African invaders pretending to be refugees have seized more
than 100 buildings in Rome and are illegally squatting in them, the
populist mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, has admitted in the wake of
recent riots, carried out by sub-Saharans who had been living in Italy
for the past five years.

Raggi added that the city government was now looking into the
possibility of housing the thousands of African scroungers—who demand
food, housing and welfare payments after illegally landing in Europe—in
buildings confiscated from criminal cartels such as the Mafia.

Mayor Virginia Raggi said city officials were mapping out the
confiscated real estate to determine if any buildings were suitable for
temporary housing.

Police in the city used water cannons against the Africans—mostly
from Eritrea and Ethiopia—who had been camped out on a central piazza
after being evicted from a building they had occupied since 2013.

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