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Мэр Шарлотсвилля Майк Зигнер и его вице-мэр Вес Беллами

One of the primary figures behind the effort in Northern Virginia to take down Confederate monuments and re-name streets and parks that honor Southern historic leaders. Mayor Signer is highly energetic and totally devoted to destroying symbols of Southern identity while flooding Virginia with as many Third World immigrants as possible.

Left-wing activist from a New York Jewish family
Is a member of numerous liberal boards
As Mayor of Charlottesville he supported hiring the city’s first Black police chief
Declared Charlottesville to be the “Capital of the Resistance” to President Donald Trump’s administration

Майк Зингер:
"I’m proud of my Jewish heritage. And as a Jew, I’ve had the experience of being a religious minority my entire life. My closest friends were Black, Pakistani, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Peruvian. I have both a first cousin and a sister-in-law who are African-American."

А это его вице-мэр Вес Беллами

Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy is the man behind the push to tear down the Robert E. Lee monument in Charlottesville and rename Lee Park. Bellamy bullied council into spending over $10K to appoint a "commission" to evaluate the statues, based on his false "white supremacy" narrative.

69.1% White, 19.4% African American

The Daily Stormer:
"The Mayor of Charlottesville, Virgina is the Jew Mike Signer. The state bureaucracy he presides over has decided the local Robert E. Lee monument is intolerant, so they are trying to figure out a way to take it down.
Southerners in a Southern state have responded with protest in defense of a Southern hero, but Mr. Signer has declared this to be anti-Semitic hate. When people on Twitter criticized this public official, he immediately took to his friends in the Judenpresse to give a one-sided story meant to distract from what he’s doing.
Suddenly, this bigoted, Zionist, white-hating interloper is the victim.
Anti-Semitism is a codeword for “That filthy Goy keeps defending himself.”


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