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Обстановка в Неаполе: пятеро военных останавливают зверька, после чего на них нападает банда

Видимо полиция уже работать не может в районах, населенных обезьянами. Тут только армия, которой пора давать приказ стрелять на поражение. В Сицилию привозят каждый день по нескольку тысяч "бешенцев", которых пока концентрируют в тайных лагерях. По 2000 в день отправляют самолетами на военные аэродромы ФРГ, откуда их ночью разваозят автобусами. Реализуется сионская программа уничтожения белой расы.

Naples: 30 Immigrants surround 5 soldiers to impede a stop

A short distance from the Naples Central Train Station, 30 attack the soldiers who were checking a man.

“Abandoned and betrayed”. That is how the inhabitants of the Vasto di Napoli quarter feel, who have published a video on Facebook to complain about yet another episode of violence on the part of foreigners, this time even at the expense of soldiers.

In the video (see), in the center of Via Firenze close to the station, a patrol of five soldiers, armed and tasked with Operation Safe Streets, are searching a man, on the ground, to check him out. Some foreigners come running from the right, then back off. Others arrive from the left. The soldiers, already surrounded, try to keep calm, but suddenly chaos is triggered. Shouting, shoving; someone tries to free the detained man. Then a young man in a green t-shirt intervenes, saying something that causes the thirty immigrants in revolt to disperse.

“Episodes like this occur every day in our quarter, and everybody pretends not to see,” complains the Committee of Vasco Quarter. “We feel alone and abandoned… We fear for ourselves and for our families! Enough now! Aggression even against the State.”


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