mrminiver (mrminiver) wrote,

Немного вам талмуда (Talmud - Mas. Mo'ed Katan 17a). Хорошая книга, n'est ce pas?


He [R. Judah Nesi'ah] did not absolve him. He went away weeping. A wasp then came and stung him in the privy member and he died. They brought him into ‘The Grotto of the Pious’, but they admitted him not. They brought him into ‘The Grotto of the Judges’ and they received him. Why was he admitted there? — Because he had acted according to the dictum of R. Il'ai. For R. Il'ai says, If one sees that his [evil] yezer is gaining sway over him, let him go away where he is not known; let him put on sordid clothes, don a sordid wrap and do the sordid deed that his heart desires rather than profane the name of Heaven openly.

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