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ЮАР. Зулусы готовят Варфоломеевскую ночь для сомалийцев, нигерианцев и пакистанцев


Most of the Blacks protesting are Zulus, a martial tribe who view other Africans as beneath them:

Earlier this week, angry mobs attacked Nigerians and looted shops belonging to Somalis, Pakistani and other migrants in townships around Pretoria and parts of Johannesburg.

"They [foreigners] should know that this they are a guest in my house. I am treating them with respect. They should treat me with respect," one angry protester told the BBC's Nomsa Maseko at the scene.

Nigerians in South Africa were "notorious" for dealing drugs, he added, calling for greater checks on foreigners coming into the country.

South Africa clashes at anti-foreigner protest in Pretoria - BBC News

Stun grenades fired during Tshwane unrest - As it happened | News24

Anti-foreigner mob rampages in ‘march of hatred’ in South Africa - The Globe and Mail

Муслимская сомалийская банда:

Сомалийцы готовят камни для бросания:

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