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Завоз зверьков в ФРГ планировался еще в 2011 году

Advance Requisition of Bavarian “Refugee” Housing — Starting in 2011

The following piece was condensed from an article in the Polish news portal It describes the experience of a Polish couple who purchased a hotel in Bavaria, only to be forced to sell it to the German government as “refugee” housing.

The most fascinating piece of information in this story is that the governmental order to acquire mass housing for migrants was given three or four years BEFORE Chancellor Angela Merkel invited in the entire Third World during the hysteria over Dead Baby Porn. What did she and the rest of the EU apparatchiks know back in 2011 that the lumpenproletariat didn’t?

Many thanks to Ava Lon for reading the original and then writing this précis:

“It used to be paradise, it is a dump today.” What a Germany colonized by refugees really looks like

A fine for hate speech is €1200. This is why Germans are very cautious. They say nothing and watch chaos and trash and the open doors and windows in the refugee centers, while they have to be frugal and heat their homes sparingly.

A year ago there was a map on the internet showing where the shelters are . It was removed. Allegedly it was helpful to PEGIDA.

This is the story of a Polish family who bought a hotel in Bavaria, only to be forced to sell it in order for it to be transformed into a refugee shelter.

In June 2016 there were still no refugees in their former hotel, but it was being watched by an armed guard, after would-be arson attempts. Just like 600 others. It’ll burn like the others and the government knew it ahead of time, and forced the owners to follow very strict anti-fire construction rules (while renovation was underway).

Rumor says PEGIDA people are the ones setting fire to the shelters. Why? Because Bavaria is the most conservative part of Germany.

The new Polish owners of the hotel were accepted as the culturally and ethnically close to Germans, but not 100%, because they spoke German with an accent. So they switched to English. But pressure to use German exclusively was strong from Germans towards foreigners (the “fair game” foreigners that is, the “fair” ones).

When they bought the 200-year-old house in an idyllic Bavarian village, they thought they had found themselves in a paradise. They wanted to turn the house into a hotel, with its own bakery, coffee shop, and a restaurant. It was in a village that was extremely popular with tourists. Now nobody goes there any longer. All the hotels and most large houses were turned into refugees shelters, and arson became a common occurrence. The media don’t mention it, however. Before their very eyes Germany was turning into a Muslim country: thefts, vandalism, and rubbish everywhere became the norm.

When they first began renovation of the largest house in town, they thought it would prosper, but around 2011 Angela Merkel changed her policies.

In 2009 she won the election. In 2010 she said that multi-culti had failed, and in 2011 the German government started actively looking for large houses for immigrants. At first people didn’t understand what was going on, because there were no refugees. The Arab spring was just starting. Nobody had heard anything about any refugees or asylum seekers, and yet the pressure from the government to find and buy real estate for those shelters was enormous. People were wondering what refugees the government even had in mind.

In 2013 protests began in Ukraine, and in 2014 Putin annexed Crimea, so everyone thought Ukrainians might be those famous refugees. Then suddenly the media started broadcasting Merkel’s invitation to literally every single Syrian to come to Germany. At first people didn’t know that it would result in hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners and Africans (and others) crossing the Mediterranean and arriving via land routes, but then the obvious question arose: how could the German government have known so far in advance about this wave of immigration? That’s when the propaganda started: telling people how wonderful those newcomers were for the people and for the German economy.


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