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Интервью Мерзкель. Не будет поворота в глобализации. Немцев сука назвала "теми, кто жил здесь ранее"

Chancellor Merkel: There Will be no Rollback of Globalization

Just in case you haven’t had enough of Frau Merkel for one millennium, here’s an excerpt from an interview with the chancellor that aired last month on German TV. You’ll notice that the interviewer carefully virtue-signals that she is in total agreement with her subject.

Also notable is the way in which Chancellor Merkel refers to her fellow Germans. In the speech we posted last night they were called “people who have always been living here in Germany”, while in the interview she designates them as “those who have been living longer with us”. This has become the new official nomenclature for the soon-to-be-eradicated German ethnicity: “People who have been living here for a long time [but won’t be here much longer].”


00:00 With what kind of policies will you react to the worries of these people, worries that are often
00:04 linked to a radical populist, sometimes even nationalist, xenophobic, attitude?
00:13 What are you going to make of that, in the CDU, in the upcoming election campaign,
00:18 for which you feel ready? Will your policies become more conservative,
00:22 will you become more exclusive, will you become more critical of Islam,
00:26 to secure the right flank of CDU, and to trap the AfD?
00:32 Or are you still going to seek refuge in the left, the social-democratized,
00:37 let’s say Kretschmann-green, center?
00:40 No. I am seeking a solution where the CDU has always firmly stood.
00:47 That is the social market economy, the liberal-democratic state of laws.
00:52 And I refuse to consider trying to solve problems by separation, isolation, and rejection.
01:02 I believe we have to be open. Open in listening, but also open in our answers.
01:08 There will be no returning to the times before digitization, before globalization.
01:15 But we must give people the impression — not just the impression, but solve issues —
01:20 so that they have stability, orientation.
01:24 I think at the moment in our society it is —
01:27 Besides the factual issues which we will have to address —
01:31 about the question if politics can get it right on what we call the cohesion of society.
01:38 City and countryside, the elderly and young people,
01:41 those who have recently arrived and those who have been living longer with us,
01:46 questions of freedom of religion, of security, internal security,
01:51 can I live here safely and in freedom?
01:54 It is about answering these questions, and I believe we have good proposals.

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