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В пригороде Париже черножопые сожгли коктейлями Молотова 2 полиц. машины. 4 офицера обгорели

France- Paris suburb: A dozen drug dealing gang members throw Molotov cocktails at 2 police cars. 4 officers burned

Four French police officers were set on fire after masked thugs pelted their two cars with petrol bombs during a patrol on a notorious housing estate near Paris.

The horrifying attack took place on the Grande Borne, in the southern Paris suburb of Viry-Chatillon, on Saturday afternoon.

'The cars were parked up on the estate as a part of a surveillance patrol monitoring a surveillance camera near a set of traffic lights' said a police source, who said the violence started just before 3pm.

They were attacked from all sides. Assailants in a group of around a dozen threw Molotov cocktails at the car.

'Two of the officers were very badly burned and rushed to intensive care units. Two others received hospital treatment.

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