mrminiver (mrminiver) wrote,

Алаахуакбары онемели. Теперь не они, а французы жгут автомобили муслимов на Корсике

Corsica Brawl: Five Hurt in Clashes on French Beach

beach brawl on the French island of Corsica between three families of North African descent and local youths has left five people injured and three cars burnt out, regional prosecutors say.

The brawl on Saturday began after the families objected to photos being taken, witnesses say. Stones and bottles were thrown.

Reports say some of the brawlers were armed with hatchets and harpoons.

Unrest continued on Sunday at a protest in the regional capital.

Tension has grown this summer between local communities and Muslims of North African origin in the south of France, especially following the massacre of 85 people by a lorry-driver in the city of Nice on 14 July.

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