mrminiver (mrminiver) wrote,

Разницы между Кэмероном и Мэй нет - оба убежденные сионисты

‘Theresa May, the current UK home secretary who will be prime minister by the evening of Wednesday 13 July, is on record for defending Israeli impunity and is in total denial of the historic injustice committed by Britain when it collaborated with European Zionist terrorists – who had been murdering its own soldiers and policemen in Palestine – to dispossess and ethnically cleanse the indigenous Palestinians from their land and impose a colonial settler-state in Palestine.
Theresa May, in other words, is as slavishly Zionist as the Zionist pimp she replaces, David Cameron, known to some as “Agent Cameron”.
In the video below, Mrs May delivers a speech to the Bneir Akiva, Britain’s largest Zionist youth movement, to celebrate the creation of Israel, the colonial settler-state founded on the bones and in the houses and farms that had been stolen from the Palestinian people.’

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