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Дахау. Лагерь для обезьянок. Из наблюдений немца

Интересно, что зверьки пытаются забрасывать камнями сотрудников.

Tell us something about the conflicts and fights.
A: These are part of the daily events. Fights will start for the most minor things. In the camp, we have Nigerians, Pakistanis, blacks from the Ivory Coast, Senegalese, Afghanis and they will fight amongst each other over every tiny thing, like cutting in line. As a rule, Arabs and blacks cannot stand each other and there are always conflicts between them.

Conflicts between us, meaning the members of the protective staff and the migrants, always arise because they think that we are their servants and must do their bidding. The Germans enforce this point of view; the norm simply is that if a migrant has a wish, it should be fulfilled.

We are forbidden to participate in any fights and we are forbidden to use force. The only thing we are permitted to do is to try to reason with them and if that does not work, to call the police.

They’ve already even stoned us; they love to do that. They are very afraid of physical contact, and are happy to step back a few meters, and then a whole horde will start throwing rocks. This is very easy here, because underneath the tent there is crushed rock and all around, there are many rocks about the size of a fist, absolutely ideal for throwing.

Q: They stoned you? By God, why?
A: They are not permitted to bring food into the bedrooms. A co-worker reminded one of them that he can’t go there with food, so the black guy threw the food at him. The co-worker lost it and reached for him. Right away, a huge brawl erupted. We stepped back, the police arrived again — something like our ‘keeping order’ [name of policing unit in the Czech Republic] — but, as always, they did nothing, just lined up and the cops from their anti-confrontation team started yakking at them. They just explained to them that we, in Europe, do not stone people, and of course, no repercussions ensued.

In the evening, that same co-worker was again attacked and stoned. We called the police again, and they only explained things to them again. No punishments were handed out.

Q: What means and tools to you have for self defense?
A: (Laughter.) Weapons in Germany? We are strictly forbidden from having any weapons, not even tear gas or batons, we have nothing.

The worst work is in the children’s camp, which is what youths between 16 and 20 are called. We knew a Somali, who threw his breakfast out in the morning — some hard cheese, chicken mortadella and fruit — because he said he would not eat this. The same way, he then threw out lunch — it was fish fillets and potatoes, saying he’s going to go eat in town. He returned completely drunk and demanded food. We showed him that dinner will be in three hours, but he penetrated into our guard room and started going through our things, saying we have to give him something. My co-worker took exception to this, so the Somali grabbed a broom and started breaking things. And we cannot, under any circumstances, interfere, because this is a child. But this particular one paid for this, because the police found out that this “child” is twenty-two years old and that they were dealing with a former member of a Somali paramilitary unit.


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